Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life Happens

Sometimes in life things happen, that though they interrupt our plans, can not be dismissed as mere distractions. My Grandfather fell ill suddenly and died a few weeks later. That was a couple of weeks ago and though I push on...try to catch up on all the things I let slide - I can't imagine that I will ever recover.

I will just learn to live with what is.

In the last six years I have learned more about loss than I ever wanted to and the biggest lesson has been what a gift it is to love and be loved in return. Its as if part of what held me up is missing...and I have to figure out how to maintain my posture. That it eventually happens is a miracle.

I share this not just to vent my grief, but to let you know why the most recent issue of Context magazine has been delayed. There have been several projects that are being delayed because plans had to change.

Sometimes, life happens and plans just don't seem that important.

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