Monday, June 15, 2009

Attention, Art & Social Capital in Branding

After a few requests and a bit of encouragement I am sharing what started out as storyboards for a presentation to get sponsorship for an event marketing solution project. I hope it encourages people to think and question some assumptions about branding, attention, social capital in sustainable profitability and of course - the role of Art Based research and the benefits to the private sector, organizations, and communities. Please feel free to contact me with questions or feedback.
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Cultural Fusion Art as Solution

This is Part 1 of a presentation I was encouraged to develop and share. It has evolved from storyboard slides I was working on for a project. With a slight bit of tweaking it works as slideshare presentation - I may convert these to eliminate the need to advance each slide but in the mean time...I hope it encourages people to think and question some assumptions about branding, attention, social capital and of course - the role of Art Based research.

Moving Forward with Determination

Over the weekend I watched "Rocky Balboa" again because my husband had not yet seen it. It was my recollection of two scenes, that made look forward to seeing it again. Like many of the books I read - after I see a movie I often forget much of it. However, this speech from the movie sticks with me - especially on those days or at those moments when I get discouraged.

While I feel ego has been put to rest in my quest - I also feel we are the vessels of the dreams that seek expression through us. That is what my journey as an artist has been about - and although it would be easier to just paint or do something that was easier for most people to comprehend, I realize that is the challenge of doing something new.

"When you have a dream - you have to protect it. People can't do something themselves they want to tell you, you can't do it." (from the movie Pursuit of Happiness)

Yes, I have had those moments where I wondered why I didn't have an easier dream, something easier - simpler.... like "normal people". For whatever reason(s) that is not what calls me - that is not who I am. I suspect like many of you, I seek to live a life that is authentic and true to who I know myself to be....and sometimes that isn't as easy as we would hope.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Chinese Proverb

No one else can walk your journey for you - even if others are with you, your experience feels like a solitary one. Because there will come a time, maybe more than once, that you will have to reach inside yourself and find out what you and your dream are really made of.

So what keeps you going?
What helps give one the persistence and tenacity to keep moving forward?
That is also part of who we are.

I share this clip because when you feel you have hit the wall....that life has knocked you to your knees and you are doubting that you can get back up and keep going. Please remember that it is in you to do it.