Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Details & Addendum

Update 10/25/08 2:58pm


My observation since posting this is that often in marketing or public relations what is done/intended and what is said do not match. And consumer will accept the lie. This is another contrast with customer.

In Business there are companies that serve both, so it is not a matter of right or wrong but rather I feel it informs these ideas about value distinction in:

1. Branding- building a community brand where the community defines the brand

2. Messaging campaigns

3. Valuation metrics (must know what to look for in order to know what to measure)

4. Market positioning based on where value is delivered

I feel these may form converging points to transition between the old which is crumbling and the new which is emerging. This seems to be the points that are addressed in Cultural Fusion.

See Also

which adds Quality, not Quantity, as the main ingredient for the transaction

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Big Pictue and the Risk of Not Seeing It

Had been mulling over some ideas about qualitative evaluations of Attention since I posted a few of the slides from the storyboard I had done with ppt to share with a few people for feedback.

Current dialogues about Attention are mostly superficial - referring to metrics like page views or duration on a page to evaluate qualitative attention. This is connected to other metrics called demographics which reduce people to labels and dollars.

Without questioning these underlying assumptions one is not seeing the whole picture. It like talking about an orange and only referring to the peel. If you don't get beneath that you miss some of the best parts of the fruit.

I was reading the updates to Ron's site having followed an awesome chat with Merik of Morphle earlier today about "Cultural Fusion Happenings". I found this passage and I realized this was a Source:Convergence helping to see a bit more of the answers to questions that led Ron & me to cofound Cultural Fusion.

Let me show you what clicked - as much to share with you who care to pay attention to access it, as to make note of it for myself as something I want to include because it was one of those Ah-Ha moments.

From Ron's site:

Create Attention
What is the origin of attention? How to wake up attention?
By using your imagination - Harry Palmer
I really look forward to this vacation!
By using your fantasy, you create energy. It looks like you touch an inner well, the source of energy. Creativity, in this context, is the gap between thinking (neo-cortex) and feeling (belly brain).

is the method or model for this process. And this is key to understanding how to "work" with Attention to address challenges holistically

Soul Food emerges from oral traditions as a soulful tradition not be confused with an intellectual tradition. Rather than rely on known knowledge (intellectual tradition) it relies on the bridge between the intellect and creative intuition (soulful tradition) as am approach to developing new solutions for increasingly complex situations.

Furthermore it provides illumination about how to do this with integrity (purity of ingredients), value for the individual, and appreciation for context.

Starting with the insights from Source:Acceptance

Through this approach one finds balance and in the context of mixing ingredients, recipes, etc it is akin to "cooked just the way you like with the ingredients available to you".

In the WebAntiphon:Clear_CRM_Strategy scheme of things this approach acknowledges the value of each person served and consulted by helping you find the recipe for the SoulFood:Meal or SoulFood:Dish that best suits your needs and taste:

After noticing Ron's Twitter update I followed the link and these questions caught my Attention:
how do we keep balance between income and spending of attention? you PAY attention.
- what is the full width of an economic transaction? besides money there is also the currency of attention involved. what does the equation look like? VALUE equals a percentage (x) of money PLUS a percentage (100 - x) of attention?
- what happens with attention when we scale the economic transaction to infinitely small?

What I would add to what Ron has said is that it is a matter of quality.
For example, the spice Saffron. At $72.95 an ounce (28.35 grams), you are paying $2.57 per gram (24 servings) or 10 cents per serving it is an expensive spice that requires a good deal of attention. See: Because of its value both culinary and monetary it attracts it invites you to pay attention and it is used sparingly in most recipes.

So as Ron points out with his equation (100-x) of attention...what I see is that although the quantity of attention may be small or reductionist - it is the quality of the Attention that makes all the difference. It doesn't take much saffron to add infuse its essence into a dish and the experience of in the context of a recipe vs a an actual dish or meal are not the same.

Check out this page to dig deeper:

My understanding is that this means we must develop an understanding of really that integrates what we know. If we know objects are not solid but made up of lots of tiny particles, for example, at what point does this understanding get integrated into our general understanding and way of operating?
When do we develop social systems that catch up with our science?

Context for understanding the value of SoulFood

* Historically, much of fundamental physics has been concerned with discovering the fundamental particles of nature and the equations which describe their motions and interactions. It now appears that a different programme may be equally important: to discover the ways that nature allows, and prevents, information to be expressed and manipulated, rather than particles to move. For example, the best way to state exactly what can and cannot travel faster than light is to identify information as the speed-limited entity. In quantum mechanics, it is highly significant that the state vector must not contain, whether explicitly or implicitly, more information than can meaningfully be associated with a given system. Among other things this produces the wavefunction symmetry requirements which lead to Bose Einstein and Fermi Dirac statistics, the periodic structure of atoms, and so on.

* Pasted from

The understanding of our operating and management systems must evolve within the larger context of what we know about quarks and leptons.

There are six different types of quarks, known as flavors: up (symbol: u), down (d), charm (c), strange (s), top (t) and bottom (b).

Pasted from

There are six flavours of leptons, forming three generations.

Pasted from

Cultural Fusion Art as Philosophy is about creating more than what is created and SoulFood is the framework for this paradigm.

Since the rate at which challenges when resisted, will present themselves and so any solution that can not see the big picture.....

If I am one of the drops of water at the crest of a wave - How to warn or help the people beneath?

A connection must be made between the drop of water, which is connected by context of the tidal wave/ocean to all the other drops of water, and the people on land in the path of the impending wave.

That is the potential of Cultural Fusion that is great than the sum of its parts (the artwork projects) but also imbues it with significant added value distinguishing it from previous work in the tradition of installation art.

So now I am considering that I will share the whitepaper with a few people and this blog helps with the conclusion I wanted to revise. Excellent!