Friday, July 27, 2012

On Creating Heroes and Mavericks

"The Real is a construct. The real is a creation. The Real is artificial. The kid in your play is looking for something in life that can only be found in art." "Passing Strange"
This weekend I am looking forward to reading Barbara Stewart's white paper, re-watching "Passing Strange", and finishing up edits to new my Maverick Hero video. After some helpful critical insights from Shawne Duperon (featured in latest issue of Context Magazine) I gave serious thought to "the story". I mean when "Six time Emmy Winner" gives you advice and a compliment you take it to heart - especially when it is someone as generous, authentically kind and insightful as Shawne. As an artist I have to honor my own reasons for not following the rules of linear perception for pieces like this, but I also want to express my respect and appreciation for the audience. In the same way that most understand the personal is political, I am exploring concepts in art (in this case video and transmedia opportunities) including "Marketing" and "Business offer" as personal fueling the public. So when looking at how to use Story in this series of Art*umentary videos, the first questions have to clarify the emotionally integrated intellectual truths. And this reminded me of why I want to watch the film of the play "Passing Strange" again. Have you had that feeling of running across something that helps you see and feel more deeply an idea you are unpeeling to better understand? A recent conversation with Barbara followed by an essay about the play that touched me and helped me to define what I mean by "hero". FYI - defining key terminology is a BIG part of my work to understand the legacy of culture where fusion is the new norm. We all benefit from better understanding the kind of hero referenced in "Becoming the Maverick Hero you've been waiting for" whereas the video will focus more on defining the maverick hero concept in Art when art is more than just the aesthetic and frivolous.
And there’s also the understanding here that every story we tell is our story. The storyteller is the hero, one way or another, either explicitly or implicitly, either consciously or unconsciously, or in some cases (like Passing Strange), all of the above. Storytelling connects to the eternal, the divine, the Cosmic Consciousness, through the shaping and passing along of the culture. "inside PASSING STRANGE:background and analysis" by Scott Miller

Art*umentary - Birth of the Maverick Hero from Yvette Dubel on Vimeo.

Economics (business) plays an intriguing role in shaping the "reality of culture" and its legacy. Rather than being a passive or unconsciously complicit participant of the times that be and the future it will likely wrought, how might Art emerge as a solution for a better world? I have gotten some really encouraging feedback on one of my early videos from people in financial sector, where it seems at last social capital has caught the attention of financial analysts. I love the signs that the works connect with people, that our passions touch through sharing these ideas. And then there's Art as Solution...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Does it matter who is pulling the strings?

How does personal experience and agendas shape the lens through which we see the world?

Some day when historians look back at this and try to make sense of what happened, perhaps what artists leave behind will provide unique perspectives of these times.

It would feel more honest to call most of politics and political campaigns performance art. But because of the role in shaping policy, it is less humorous than the idea might otherwise be. The ability to donate millions to advance a political agenda with anonymity seems quite unfair because of the implied protection that is not an option for those who support causes/candidates in nonmonetary ways. In addition, as money buys influence and attention, it does give those with more money a louder voice.

We could point to the Supreme Court ruling [Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 50 (2010)] that blew open the flood gate for purchased influence over a wide spectrum of policy issues. Brace yourselves for political puppet show unlike anything we have seen before.

Now - looking at the Presidential campaigning taking place never was the evidence of “personal branding” experts at work more evident. It is a grand exercise in political theater. As much as I’d like to see some radical changes, imagine if transparency and truth telling were among them? I can only imagine the reasons that string pullers have for not wanting to be known as such.

Inspired Collaboration

As an artist-citizen an interesting question popped up for inspiration. So what if the personal brand is reduced to a puppet, a sales-figurehead for a position or way of seeing the world?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life Happens

Sometimes in life things happen, that though they interrupt our plans, can not be dismissed as mere distractions. My Grandfather fell ill suddenly and died a few weeks later. That was a couple of weeks ago and though I push on...try to catch up on all the things I let slide - I can't imagine that I will ever recover.

I will just learn to live with what is.

In the last six years I have learned more about loss than I ever wanted to and the biggest lesson has been what a gift it is to love and be loved in return. Its as if part of what held me up is missing...and I have to figure out how to maintain my posture. That it eventually happens is a miracle.

I share this not just to vent my grief, but to let you know why the most recent issue of Context magazine has been delayed. There have been several projects that are being delayed because plans had to change.

Sometimes, life happens and plans just don't seem that important.