Saturday, December 25, 2010

Winter Magic

Today, as is every day really, an opportunity to appreciate life and to keep squabbles in perspective ( ) .

As much as some things stir my interest in protest art, there is also the interest in its alternative. started as a student blog and has grown into an inspiring vision for a non-profit community organization. It embodies the new community organization that has learned to use global reach (social media, information and communication technology) to empower knowledge sharing and social marketing (increase awareness of perspectives from the homeless community) using institutional styled models.

In contrast to the conceptual resistance is organic beauty - natural wonder...and the wonder that is creative inspiration.

Since I missed posting this on the Winter Solstice let's imagine this is posted simultaneously now and Dec. 21, 2010. This is actually the Holiday - Winter Solstice post since I feel a need to look for all that there is good to appreciate as part of a personal cycle.


In the Northern Hemisphere, the gloomy winter solstice has been responsible for many symbols, ancient myths and religious beliefs over millennia.

In ancient Rome, the winter solstice was celebrated at the feast of Saturnalia, while in pre-christian Britain, the end of December centered around the pagan Yule log in a fiery display to melt the heart of a cold and dreary winter.

Today, a similar response to winter doldrums is the celebration of Christmas by many cultures around the world complete with twinkling lights, holiday feasts & lively festivals.

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