Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flashback Lullaby

Flashback Lullaby

Performance artist
cast in a post matinee
week night Performance
a fight for your life drama
featuring the soundtrack for
Lullaby Flashback

with a melodious

"You are my sunshine..."

Drowned out
and then stopped
the howling creak of doors
opening and closing.

Muffled words
escalating with
Explosive intensity!

Resistant feet
play percussion
pound pound pound pound on the floor
as body is dragged
sound in motion
down the hall

Choking screams
are stylized vocalizations
shaped to strike like threats
in loud hushed tones

Crashing dishes
are cymbals echoing down the hall

For an under aged audience
praying for nightmares
to interrupt
this god damn it lullaby.

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