Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Details & Addendum

Update 10/25/08 2:58pm


My observation since posting this is that often in marketing or public relations what is done/intended and what is said do not match. And consumer will accept the lie. This is another contrast with customer.

In Business there are companies that serve both, so it is not a matter of right or wrong but rather I feel it informs these ideas about value distinction in:

1. Branding- building a community brand where the community defines the brand

2. Messaging campaigns

3. Valuation metrics (must know what to look for in order to know what to measure)

4. Market positioning based on where value is delivered

I feel these may form converging points to transition between the old which is crumbling and the new which is emerging. This seems to be the points that are addressed in Cultural Fusion.

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which adds Quality, not Quantity, as the main ingredient for the transaction

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