Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's on the other side of the dark side of the moon?

It is not so much the I that has inspired me as much as the inspired i is observing, expressing and creating. I imagined that this is not apart from the flow that guides the phases of the moon or the path of the clouds.

I in i- had one of those amazing pieces floating into place epiphanies. When we sing/experience the song of our soul there is nothing like it. I used to think of it as My process, now i get it that it is the process.

"When our wounds lead to breakthroughs that connect to the sacred through inspiration - healing is possible & growth is the natural outcome." From: Breaking through woundedness to heal

Hind-sight is 20/20 and so there is nothing quite like the view of staring back for a clearer view.

How strange it might seem to pay attention this thing that can not be seen directly, only evidence of its existence witnessed and document it. Like other invisible forces (gravity) we learn through observation. It is a mistake to think this done only with the mind.

You don't know what you don't know until you know what it is you don't know.

[1/10/2009 11:25:21 AM] Ronald Wopereis says: ok read it
[1/10/2009 11:25:35 AM] Ronald Wopereis says: when you are on the dark side of the moon
[1/10/2009 11:25:49 AM] Ronald Wopereis says: how would you know which side is dark ? or ... what darkness is?
[1/10/2009 11:26:04 AM] Ronald Wopereis says: i believe that life, as we know it, is this dark side
[1/10/2009 11:26:10 AM] Ronald Wopereis says: ?

i pause to listen -
there is a song that calls for me to find it
to allow myself to hear,
not just the melody -
but the base line, the words -
invisible layer of inspirations

together in the holon
parts, the rhythms that depend on the pacing of the notes,
- rests, pauses, shouts and whispers

that like the wind
travel in unseen streams
but none of us doubts its flow.

you caught me!
looking in your direction
i was watching this flow
and when it whirled in your direction
i couldn't help but pay attention

1. Morphle

As a collaborator there is Source:Converge on Attention and Source:Love infused into solution aka technology and cyberinfrastructure the language Merik uses (open source code as language) + community culture =

For reasons i could not explain my attention had been drawn to object oriented programming six or seven years ago. Even then i was trying to figure out how this would support the creation of this cyberinfrastructure of holistic technology.

And so there is this experience of coming full circle within a multi-dimensional reality one sees it is not flat. It is the never ending spiral. I continue to explore this ... It seems to me that these are what I am coming to see as "foundational" concepts - points of reference in terms of paths in the the process.

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